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MMT I Portfolio Investments

Cima Nanotech - MMT I+II Portfolio Company
Cima develops, manufactures and markets metal nanopowder based products for a wide array of industries with near-term commercialization opportunities in nano silver conductive inks.

The company currently manufactures over 50 different nano-sized materials based on Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Palladium, Platinum, Nickel, and other metals and alloys of these metals. These materials are now being incorporated into high value-add products in conjunction with industry partners.
The Company has identified five primary markets for general applications of Cima products: Conductive Inks, transparent conductive coatings, thermal management, energetics, and medical applications (implants).

Related News : toda announced that they have formed a joint venture company, TodaCima NanoTechnology, to sell and distribute nanometal-based dispersions in Japan.

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Niti Medical - MMT I Portfolio Company
NiTi Medical Technologies Ltd. develops and manufactures a broad array of innovative disposable surgical products for intestinal tissue closure. These devices, made from shape memory alloy, clamp tissue until healing is complete and are then naturally expelled from the body.

Related News : FDA clears NiTi's Compression Anastomosis Clip (CAC) for U.S. marketing

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Power Paper Ltd. - MMT I+II Portfolio Company
Power Paper is the leading source of enabling technology for the next generation of Thin & Flexible Microelectronics (TFM) solutions.

Using patented ultra-thin printed batteries, the fully-integrated microelectronics products are custom designed to meet specific applications in the areas of disposable medical devices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gifts & novelties, e-packaging and smart cards & tags.

Related News : Power Paper Names Tony Illsley as New Chairman of Board of Directors

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Pulsar - MMT I Portfolio Company
Pulsar is the first company to have developed and patented a commercially viable, industrial-scale process ("MagnaPulseTM") that uses magnetic pulse technology ("MPT") for welding ("MPW") and forming ("MPF") metals using high-energy electromagnetic fields. This technology has profound implications for virtually all manufacturing industries in which high volumes of metal are either welded together or formed by die-stamping. These implications encompass not only very substantial savings in direct and indirect costs but also speed, precision, strength and durability of the finished product and greatly enhanced flexibility in production planning.
Significantly, MPW can be used to join dissimilar metals (e.g. steel to aluminium) as readily as for similar metals.

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Sol-Gel Ltd. - MMT I+II Portfolio Company
Sol-Gel develops and commercializes a micro-encapsulation process permitting the controlled release of almost any organic or bio-organic molecule enclaved in a sol gel capsule.

Sol-Gel targets various unique applications including: slow-release drug delivery, cosmeceuticals, sunscreens, food additives, flavors and fragrances, fire retardants, colorants, and other health care products.

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