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Cima Nanotech - MMT I+II Portfolio Company
Cima develops, manufactures and markets metal nanopowder based products for a wide array of industries with near-term commercialization opportunities in nano silver conductive inks.

The company currently manufactures over 50 different nano-sized materials based on Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Palladium, Platinum, Nickel, and other metals and alloys of these metals. These materials are now being incorporated into high value-add products in conjunction with industry partners.
The Company has identified five primary markets for general applications of Cima products: Conductive Inks, transparent conductive coatings, thermal management, energetics, and medical applications (implants).

Related News : toda announced that they have formed a joint venture company, TodaCima NanoTechnology, to sell and distribute nanometal-based dispersions in Japan.

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Cymbet Corp. (formerly: IPS) - MMT II Portfolio Company
Cymbet develops a unique manufacturing process for an advanced solid state lithium ion rechargeable battery.
This technology boasts twice the capacity and half the weight of the best-known batteries, can be charged and discharged infinite number of times and manufactured at production costs competitive with any of the rechargeable batteries on the market.
Applications include battery on chip, cellular, PDA's, IC's and micro-bots, smart cards, RFID tags and implantable devices.

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Enzymotec Ltd. - MMT II Portfolio Company
Enzymotec is an Israeli biotechnology company that develops and produces innovative biofunctionalingredients that prevent and fight health conditions associated with modern life-styles and extended life span of the population.Enzymotec's biofunctional ingredients take advantage of the most effective delivery platform that was developed by nature and evolution - lipids.

All of Enzymotec's biofunctional ingredients are based on lipid platforms,which participate in the body's own day-to-day biochemical pathways and functions. These ingredients maintain a variety of body tissues, such as brain tissues, arteries, and skin, and prevent conditions such as memory loss, Alzheimer, and arterial sclerosis.

Enzymotec's lipid ingredients fight high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, improve concentration, alleviate stress, fight the creation of foam cells, and reverse the aging effects of skin.

Since all people are affected by the modern life-style, Enzymotec develops distinctive lipids that enable to maintain the highest quality of nutrition and development of infants in this modern age.

Enzymotec's unique delivery platform enables the administration of its innovative ingredients in nutritional supplements, functional foods, and cosmetic preparations.

All these products are available at different grades, suitable also to nutraceutical applications.

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Glycominds Ltd. - MMT II Portfolio Company
Glycominds Ltd. Is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and commercialization of biomarkers for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The company uses its proprietary GlycoChip(r) technology to identify anti glycan antibodies that can serve as proprietary biomarkers. These biomarkers are commercialized as high value specialty tests. The company currently commercializes two products - a prognostic marker for Multiple Sclerosis and a diagnostic marker for IBD differential.

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MeMPile Ltd. - MMT II Portfolio Company
Mempile develops a new type of optical storage device based on novel chromophors on polymer for CD/DVD.

Mempile has developed a patented organic compound that can be made to switch between two distinct conformations through the interaction with applied light. Such an approach offers the immense advantage of keeping the manufacturing costs of individual discs comparable to those of conventional storage devices such as DVDs and CD-ROMs.
The company's product will eventually be capable of storing 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) of digital information on read/write/rewrite removable disks for the data storage market, using laser molecular access.

Related News : Mempile raised $11.6m in its second investment round

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Nanolayers - MMT II Portfolio Company
Nanolayers creates organic ultra-thin films for microelectronic applications. Once upscaled, Nanolayers' self-assembly processes and components will significantly enhance the performance and commercial reach of flat-panel displays (TFT-LCD and OLED) and semiconductors. Moreover, Nanolayers' molecular precision will enable such novel applications as plastic electronics, ubiquitous computing and others yet to be imagined.

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Power Paper Ltd. - MMT I+II Portfolio Company
Power Paper is the leading source of enabling technology for the next generation of Thin & Flexible Microelectronics (TFM) solutions.

Using patented ultra-thin printed batteries, the fully-integrated microelectronics products are custom designed to meet specific applications in the areas of disposable medical devices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gifts & novelties, e-packaging and smart cards & tags.

Related News : Power Paper Names Tony Illsley as New Chairman of Board of Directors

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Real-time Radiography Ltd. (formerly R3) - MMT II Portfolio Company
Real-Time Radiography is developing the next generation direct Digital Radiography (DR) detectors based on its proprietary mercuric iodide x-ray photoconductor technology.
The detector's exceptional sensitivity to x-rays, significant cost advantages, and low-voltage operation allow it to provide high image quality at low doses of radiation and at reduced expense to the end user.

RTR is focused on bringing to market the digital x-ray imaging technology for medical, industrial, and security applications.

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Sol-Gel Ltd. - MMT I+II Portfolio Company
Sol-Gel develops and commercializes a micro-encapsulation process permitting the controlled release of almost any organic or bio-organic molecule enclaved in a sol gel capsule.

Sol-Gel targets various unique applications including: slow-release drug delivery, cosmeceuticals, sunscreens, food additives, flavors and fragrances, fire retardants, colorants, and other health care products.

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Triton BioSystems (TSI spin-off) - MMT II Portfolio Company
Triton Bio-Systems develops a system for destroying cancerous cells in breast cancer by targeting nano-size ferro-magnetic particles to the cancerous cells and, by radio frequency transmission, heating these particles in a controlled manner, in order to burn the cells with minimal damage to their environment.

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