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The Management
Zwi Vromen
Nir Belzer
Oren Gafri
Mrs. Didi Kalaydzhiev

The management

The Fund's management represents several decades of proven expertise.
MMT's managers have proven experience and success in managing hi-tech global operations, cutting-edge research and development, international marketing, intellectual rights, investment and financing, multi-million dollar contract negotiations, as well as intense experience in all the steps necessary to take technological start-ups and convert them into commercial successes.

The management team consists of:

Zwi Vromen, Senior Partner
Mr. Vromen has served as the Vice President of Business Development at Koor Chemicals, a Director on the Board of Tambour Ltd., Agan Chemicals Ltd., as well as the Joint Managing Director of Plantex and Ikapharm (Koor's pharmaceutical ventures). Mr. Vromen has also acted as a management consultant to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and BioTechnology General Ltd., two of Israel's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Since 1993, Mr. Vromen has acted as the General Manager of SBRC Ltd., which is the Management Company of the Astra Fund ($10 M) and since 1996 he is an active member of the Board of Directors of the First IsraTech Fund. The Astra Portfolio Companies include medical equipment, biotechnology, communications and agricultural firms. The First IsraTech Fund ($14 M) has invested in Israeli and Israeli related high technology companies, in the medical and industrial fields.

Mr. Vromen holds a B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College (London, UK) as well as a business diploma from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Nir Belzer, Senior Partner
Mr. Nir Belzer is one of the founders and the promoter of the Millennium Funds. From 1995-1997, Mr. Belzer served as the Business Development Manager at IDBH, representing IDBH on the board of directors of six venture capital funds in which IDBH has invested. In addition, Mr. Belzer was responsible for promoting investments in start-up companies and monitoring their progress. IDBH is one of the largest Holdings companies in Israel, investing in high-tech, industry, constructive marketing, banking and financials.

Before joining IDBH, Mr. Belzer was a consultant to start ups mainly in building the business model and go to market strategy. Mr. Belzer also served as Director of Marketing and Business Development at Globes (Israel's leading business newspaper) Between 1989-1991. Before that, Mr. Belzer served at the Israeli Aircraft Industry as a system engineer on the Lavi aircraft project and subsequently in international marketing of the Lavi aircraft avionics systems.

Mr. Belzer holds an MBA from the School of Business Administration at Tel-Aviv University (specializing in marketing), a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computers from Tel-Aviv University and a certificate of the Israel Engineers Association in Aviation Electronics (AVIONICS) Systems Engineering.

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Oren Gafri, Senior Partner
Oren Gafri is one of the founders of the Millennium Materials Funds.

Mr. Gafri is the Chairman of the Israeli Material & Processes Society (IMPS), Technion, and the chairman of the Israeli Welding Institute (IWI) Ltd. Mr. Gafri was previously CEO of Pulsar Welding Ltd. (in respect of which he was elected by the Tel Aviv University to be Entrepreneur of the Year 1998), a portfolio company of MMT I (1996-2001), and General Manager of Chemitas Ltd. (1989-1995), the largest manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals in Israel (a partnership of Metallgesellscaft/ Chemetall, and Tambour Paints).

During the years 1979 to 1989 Mr. Gafri served as an executive of the Israeli Aircraft Industries Ltd (IAI), Bedek Division, as the Manager of Materials and Process, in charge of the Chemical, Metallurgical, Composite and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) facilities, Labs and R&D.

Mr. Gafri received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies in Materials & Process Engineering at Ben-Gurion University (with a specialization in thin films and plasma coating) and completed a Business Administration for Engineers program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with the IAI and the School for Business Administration, and other training courses at the Nuclear Research Center - Negev (Israel), IAI, Leybold Heraeus (USA), Parker & Amchem/Henkel (USA), Metallgesellschaft/ Chemetall (Germany) and Atotech (Germany and the U.K.).

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Mrs. Didi Kalaydzhiev, Public and Investor Relations
Didi brings extensive experience in VC administration. Holds a M.Sc. in Marine Ecology.

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